Karen Haircut Anti-trends to Keep Away From This Season

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In case you do not know it, there is nothing wrong with the name Karen. The mainly negative meaning to it adds to the stereotyped attitude of an individual. Typical Karens are dissatisfied with anything and everything and are sure that everyone around is born to serve them. People like that constantly complain and take pleasure from trying to humiliate or disrespect others.

Besides, the personal attitude, according to LoveHairstyles and not only, but there is also a Karen haircut type. If you feel like you do not relate to the described individual, you should better cross these hairstyles off your to-get list.

The Gosselin

There may be nothing wrong with Kate Gosselin personally, but her ultimate ‘mum cut’ is the anti-trend we are discussing. An asymmetric pixie with long side bangs and short spiky back is the Karen that most fashionable women try to forget and unsee if they ever saw it.

Dirty Orange Hair

Turning blonde in the safety of your house can go sideways, and instead of a sexy blonde, you’ll end up with brassy orange. However, there is nothing that a skilled hairdresser wouldn’t be able to fix, is there? Yet, if you deliberately choose the hue and try to show it off anywhere you go – the Karen alarm is about to go off.



Heavy Volume

Yes, with fine hair, a bit of extra volume is never a waste. However, the moment you start to add more on top of already enough, you are heading Karen way too. Keep in mind that not only older ladies rend to abuse the power of additional volume. 

Old-Fashioned Cuts

No matter how much you enjoy the 2000s style, the epoch is long gone, and it is time to adapt to new trends. You do not need to go over the edge with fashionable looks but sticking to the modern classics is the best you can do. Otherwise, Karen label will follow you. 

Extra-Piecey Locks

Layering is necessary in a wide variety of cases. Sometimes they are used to thin out the thick texture. Sometimes they are used to grant additional volume. However, there is a line to step over with layering too. The fact is that layer abuse is a good old sign of Karen haircut, and we figured that it’s best to keep away from it.

Helmet Hair

You wouldn’t believe it, but there are still so many women who like to wear their hair like helmets. Excessive styling, too much teasing mixed with heavy hair-spray result in a ‘helmet’ hair. While our mothers loved it, you need to realize that the ’80s are long gone.



Curls Like Ribbons

These days it is all about movement and smooth textures. If we are talking waves or curls, they should be light and bouncy instead of being frozen into place with heavy hair spraying. According to LoveHairstyles, curls like ribbons are out of date and a good sign of Karen's attitude.

Contrasting Highlight

No matter whether long or short hair we are talking about, too contrasting tones are no longer in use. Highlighting today is used to create depth and dimension rather than emphasize separate hair strands and layers.

Brushed Out Perm

Not sure if anyone still does it, but we can’t but mention that brushed-out perm looks are taboo these days. Unless Karen looks like what you are seeking.

Stacked A-line Bob with Highlights

As you can see, there is nothing wrong with neither volume, layering, or highlights. The crucial point here is the balance preserved. You do not need to go to lengths to achieve a simple yet elegant look. Sometimes a mere inverted bob with stacked back and neutral highlights are enough.

Platinum Bob With Undercut

Keeping your cut neat and trendy is a must these days. Even if you are not a fan of unusual colors, the silver-platinum share is the mildest there is to give it a try. Pair the shade with a skillfully-cut stacked pixie, and you will end with a modernized, non-Karen look.

Side-swept Pixie with Outgrown Roots

As long as your hair is not brassy orange, you can sigh with relief. Whether these are subtle highlights or outgrown roots, a side-swept pixie with wispy layers will look elegant and sweet. Besides, a cut like that is low-maintenance and fun.

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