Impact And Importance Of Press Release

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What is a Press release –

A press release is a news story or information that is written by a public relations professional for publication in different media houses. Press releases are generally drafted for declaration of guidelines by the government. The press release distribution service allows you to send press release to a much wider audience.

  • A press release should follow the 5W1H rule of journalism that is - who? what? where? when? why? and how?
  • A press release should be written in the third person and should have facts and figures.

Press release format –

  • A press release should contain the date, contact details email address, and name of the person who wrote the press release.
  • After that comes the headline of the article. This is the most important part which highlights the importance of the press release. The headline should be short yet informative which must reveal what the press release is about
  • After the headline is the briefing which is the one-liner telling about what you will find further in the press release.
  • Press release generally ends with a short description of the company that is writing/drafting or issuing the release. IT also has a call to action at the end which helps to have a test drive or a glimpse of the service or product.

The press release should be written as a news letterhead with ‘News Release’ or ‘Press Release’.

The press release distribution service provides opportunity to send press release to many media outlets, large group of journalists, bloggers and provides better reach.

Some examples of press releases:

  • Any organization opening a new local branch is hiring new people for jobs
  • A non-profit association a nationwide or state service project.
  • Study results or examination date announcement by Universities.
  • A new gadget launching with new features
  • Union Budget
  • Police Cases

A press release must follow the elements of a fine news story –

  • Impact - The number of people that will be affected by the press release. For example, A union budget press release will have an impact on the whole nation. Whereas press release regarding the lockdown of an area will have an impact on the people living in that particular area.
  • Timeliness – A hard news will not have any importance if not released on time. If a company is hiring on 1st Feb and the press release is published on 5th Feb. The news will have zero value.
  • Prominence – Public figures and known associations have a public value they become news. For example – A celebrity’s birthday is being flashed in the news whereas everyone might not be interested in knowing about an ordinary person’s birthday.
  • Proximity – Stories that we can relate to because of the geographical area are of more importance to us than what is going on the other side of the border. For example, knowing about some other nation’s union budget is of no interest to the people of another country.
  • Bizarreness: Strange things attract the audience’s attention for example a walking man isn’t news but a robot walking on the streets might be the talk of the town and hence newsworthy.
  • Conflict: Public anger, conflicts, war, disagreements are always there in the news. Sometimes press releases by the government are drafted to make important announcements to settle such disputes

A press release is made to make people aware of news stories that can affect their lives.

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