Simple and Trendy Ways to Style Popular Short Haircuts for Men

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A good-looking lad image is what many men are searching for these days. With the variety of various dress codes and trends, it may be challenging to come up with a chic vibe to acquire. However, the task is simple than you think if you know the direction to follow.

MensHaircuts has it that short haircuts for men do not go out of style, and we tend to agree. Nevertheless, apart from adopting a fresh and classy look, it is vital to know how to look after it. Today, we will discuss the most popular classy short cuts with simple ways of styling them perfectly.

French Crop

The French crop is a manly cut that requires minimum attention while looking absolutely stunning. All it takes is a good barber who can come up with fitting haircut alterations for it to suit your personality. The short sides and back with a slightly extended top make the look universal but versatile. You can leave it be when out of time, or you can work some hair product in to grant it some more shine and flair.


According to MensHaircuts, almost every man has sported a quiff at one time or another. The question is whether it was the daring or subtle variation of the cut. A professional quiff is about the length at the front while the sides and the back can be trimmed as short as needed. However, going too long may ruin the vibe or transform the quiff into a pompadour or some style unnamed yet. It'll take you some time to master it when it comes to styling, but it'll be worth the effort. Untamed quiff will lose its classy and modern appeal, so if you have no time to maintain the look, it's advised to seek other options.

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Many people mistake a fauxhawk for a quiff, while the difference is tremendous. The fact is that a fauxhawk is something in-between a French crop and a traditional pompadour. With the fauxhawk, it is vital that the top is long enough to accent the style. However, the sides can be cut as short as you prefer. Despite the utterly edgy look that the fauxhawk is designed to offer, it can be surprisingly elegant and smart-looking when needed. All you should do is to keep the front neat. In other cases, a bit of hair product will help you style the hair up and succeed with the dashing and rebellious look. 

Side Part

Looking neat and well-looked after is in fashion these days, that is why a side part is gaining tremendous popularity by the day. The cut is seemingly effortless to look after, but there are some underwater stones to watch out for. It is essential that the side part isn't unnatural but follows the hair growth's precise pattern. Otherwise, styling will turn out to be as painful and tiresome as possible.

Speaking about side part styling, it is basic in its core, but it should be chosen based on your face shape and hair texture. For instance, prominent side parts do not go well with round faces. Discuss these things with your barber before you head home after the haircut.

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Sleek Styled Quiff with Mid Fade

A good combo of a haircut and beard can result in a flawless look fit for any occasion. However, to achieve the effect, there is some time and effort spent in the process. If you are ready to sacrifice those regularly, then the cut is the one you need.

Textured Crop with High Fade 

Short haircuts are a lot more fun than you can imagine. It seems that faded sides are simple and basic, but introduce a personalized pattern to the scene, and you will change the look dramatically. Do not forget about some texturing involved when it comes to the top too.

Classy French Crop with a Layered Fringe

There is nothing wrong with opting for the class and style. If you approach the matter correctly, you will kill two birds with one stone. The beauty of a layered French top lies in its styling versatility. Whether up or down, product or no product, a fresh look is destined to appear. The only downside to be aware of is the regular trimming need.

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